Google Addressing Data Display Bug affecting Links Reporting in Webmaster Tools

There have been increasing complaints about links either being increased or decreased significantly in Google Webmasters reports as experienced by different users. While many users feel that this issue is restricted to home page links, other users are unable to confirm the same.

However, the problem does seem to have caught the eyes of Google and the company responded initially by stating that even though there seems to be an issue on displaying links data in Google Webmaster Tools, the same will not affect crawling or indexing or ranking in any way. This issue was initially noticed by webmasters in their “Links to your site” section.

On the other hand, webmasters are getting worried as Google does not seem to have fixed the issue even as they claim that this problem has affected lots of websites. Google still maintains even though there is an issue with their links reporting feature, they are looking into the matter and webmasters need not take any action as they hope to get normal data displayed in the near future.

Google has acknowledged a bug in the way links are displayed in Webmaster Tools, but nervous webmasters will be able to relax only when the issue is resolved for good.