Google Retains Lion’s Share of US Search Market

Google has proved that it is still king of the US search engine market by retaining 67 percent share in January 2013. The company’s market share increased by 0.3 percent in comparison to December 2012 figures.

These figures were released after a study done by comScore, Inc. Other figures reveal that Google’s search engine dominance currently faces no challenge from its nearest rival Bing with a market share of only 16.5 percent. Google captured 67 percent market share in November 2012, which fell to 66.7 percent in December, before rising back to 67 percent in January 2013.

Globally, the second highest search engine position went to Baidu while third position went to Yahoo. The study also revealed that Bing had lost fourth position to Yandex. While Bing did register a growth of 0.2 percent to 16.5 percent in January 2013 in the US market, it was still way behind market leader Google. It seems that joining hands by Microsoft and Yahoo has not affected Google’s share in any way, but instead only reversed the market share of Bing and Yahoo.

Yahoo continues to lose market share in the US since last year and now stands at 12.1 percent in January. In addition, AOL too has lost ground since December 2012 and currently stands with 1.7 percent in January 2013. The same with Ask, which has slid down to 2.8 percent in January, from its earlier 3 percent market share in December 2012.

Google also led the pack in core searches in the US with an 11 percent rise with figures of 13.1 billion explicit core searches in January 2013. This was followed by Microsoft with 3.2 billion searches, Yahoo! Sites with 2.3 billion searches, Ask with 536 million, and finally AOL with 331 million searches.

While core searches have registered a rise for all search engine providers, Google still remains king with a lion’s share of the US and global search engine market.