SiteApps Helps Google Customers Optimize their Websites

Google Analytics gives analysts as well as marketers wonderful opportunities to monitor crucial information on how their website visitors interact with their site. This data helps them to comprehend as to which strategies work best for their website and which ones need further optimizing or need to be discarded.

However, the vast amount of data generated through Google Analytics can be frightening for some. This could result in complete inaction where several wonderful opportunities could be lost. Google’s SiteApps can come to the rescue for anyone that wants to explore all features of Google Analytics to the fullest.

All analysts and marketers need to do is to allow SiteApps to run diagnostics of their Google Analytics and in return get a list of apps that can help optimize their website with a single click. SiteApps actually analyses website data of its users to locate the best opportunities that can improve the site. Users will then be presented with a list of apps that are best suited to improving their website.

Google states that SiteApps has already helped countless websites identify hidden opportunities that have improved visit time as well as conversions for its customers. It only takes a few minutes for customers to identify possibilities and implement apps that are best suited for their specific website and business. Website revenues can certainly get a boost once a user uses Google Analytics data along with SiteApps to unlock the true potential of the website.

Philip Klien, SiteApps co-founder stated that Google Analytics provided the foundation for SiteApps to utilize the data from Analytics to help customers understand the true value of that data. Since it only takes a couple of minutes to set up and run, analysts and marketers could well give this feature a try to optimize their websites.