Using Automated Rules to help you manage AdWords with Ease

Google introduced the much-needed Automated Rules feature in 2010. This feature can help you automate several aspects of your AdWords campaign while allowing you to explore other features in greater detail.

There are several ways by which you can benefit by using automated rules for AdWords. For instance, you can set rules that pause all your current ads when you are not online or when you are sleeping. Additionally, you can use the labels feature to segment ads that upload special promotions in a paused manner with specific phrases such as “Sale ends on Sunday”, etc.

You can also use automated rules to make the most out of the holiday season. You can use the schedule option to promote ads during special holidays or events. You can also pause all ads that have reached their budget limits and pause ads that are not performing as per set metrics.

Automated Rules can also help pause non-converting keywords that have merely witnessed high number of clicks. On the other hand, you can raise bids for those keywords that witness lower CPA or that have witnessed positions of less than 7. Furthermore, keywords with higher CPA can be automatically set to receive decreased bids as with keywords with a position within the range of 1 and 5.

Similarly, keywords that are in the top 3 positions that trigger ads, but do not lead to conversions can be automatically set to receive 10 percent lower bids. You can also indicate maximum bids initially that keep on increasing for keywords that do not appear on the first page.

Applying automated rules will certainly help save a lot of time, effort, and money. You should try to set up rules based on your specific needs and keep on fine-tuning your strategy to boost web-traffic, conversions, and revenues even as you get more time to explore other features of AdWords.