Google Announces Enhanced User Access Control

Google is mighty pleased to announce enhanced user access control in Google Analytics. Users of Google Analyticshave been demanding a finer control over access to different parts of their accounts. Google finally gave in to them and is delivering more control in the coming weeks.


Earlier users access was limited or controlled by a role based system. You could be simple report viewer or a full account administrator to gain access.

With the new system Google is expanding permissions. Permissions will now be set at property level, profile level, and also at Google Analytics. Earlier you either had to be a report viewer or an administrator to view reports but now every viewer will be able to view, edit, and manage users-access. Permission can be customized for each user at the account, profile level, and property thus giving better access than was previously possible in the role based system.

From now on one user can have access to view and edit access to a property, while another will have full access, and yet a third user can only have access to a set of profiles.

Properties derive permissions set on parent account and profiles derive permission from parent properties. A single user that has access to the account can now view all the account profiles and properties.

Over the coming weeks all accounts will be migrated. A new rich interface will be seen when your account is migrated. Once the migration is completed account administrators will become users with full access to the account, however, users that are report viewing will continue to access only relevant profiles.

These new changes means Google Analytics users are better able to control their access. The analytics and reporting is also bound to improve with the new system.