Google Reader To Be Phased Out After July 2013

A piece of bad news! Declining usage and its intention to focus on limited products has prompted Google to take a call on the RSS platform. Google recently announced that beginning July 2013 RSS will be phased out. Google Reader is one of the platforms Google is getting rid off as a part of its ‘spring cleaning’ exercise.

Google Reader was launched in 2005 to help people discover and keep track of their favorite websites. The product didn’t really take off, but surely had a relatively small following. However, over the years the following has been continuously declining, and hence the call to retire it in 2013. Developers and users interested in RSS alternatives can transfer their data, including subscriptions, along with Google takeout over the next few months.

Every year Google engages in ‘spring cleaning’ and this year is no different. Larry Page, CEO, wants to focus all energy on fewer products, which is understandable.

Reader had a committed following which is very sad, but life has to go on. There are few alternatives like FeedReader, Feedly, NewsBlur, Pulse, and The Old Reader which you may investigate and consider.

However, watch this space and we will keep you updated on other recommendations!