Google Shopping – Now reach smartphone users all over the world

We are living in an age of hyper-connectivity where everyone is connected, and this gives retailers a tremendous opportunity to deliver products to consumers across platforms/devices anywhere and anytime. Google recently unveiled “Enhanced Campaigns” that will help marketers reach consumers on multiple screens across the globe.

Today Google announced that Product Listing Ads are eligible to appear on smartphones globally, thus ensuring smartphone get the same shopping experience as tablet and desktop users. From now on whenever a user enters a shopping related query, a commercial format will display services and products in a single unit above organic results. This advertisement is called as “Sponsored” and will display product images, retailers, prices, and much more. This mobile shopping will now be available in all markets that currently serve Product Listing Ads

When a user types in a search he/she will see ad unit displaying three options. The user can click one of them to buy or learn more about the product or alternatively click on the “Shop on Google” link to continue browsing. While using the “Shop on Google” the user will be able to see a wide range of options from different sellers/resellers. The user can compare and review prices, images, read reviews, look at shipping offers, and read other relevant information. Once the user has narrowed his/her search he/she can complete the purchase at the retailer/reseller website.

To make sure you are able to make the most of this you need to ensure your products are eligible for such a display on smartphones.

Those of you that have upgraded your product listing ads to enhanced campaigns and effected the necessary bid adjustments will automatically be able to display your products. However, those that have still not upgraded will have to upgrade so that you too get increased coverage.

Do it now! And manage your bids across locations, time, and devices all from one campaign!