Pinterest Launches Web Analytics for Verified Websites

Finally Pinterest launched its Web Analytics tool that permits verified sites to check what Pinterest users are pinning from their site and learn where those pins are actually going. It means that brands such as Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, and Honda can now see how users share and organize their content on the network and learn how users use the content on their sites.

Quite a few bloggers, organizations, and businesses are curious to know what people are pinning from their respective websites. These websites create content at considerable costs and want to know what interests users.

At present the Web Analytics introduced by Pinterest includes features like how many people pinned from a website, how many people visited the website from Pinterest, and how many people have seen the pins. The analytics tool also has the facility to check Most Clicked, Most Pinned, and Most Recent Pins.

Accessing these features is pretty simple. Verified Pinterest users go to the menu, on the top right side, and click on Analytics. Verified users see four graphs that show pins, repins, clicks, and impressions. The blue line indicates actions, and people who took those actions are represented by the orange line. The average daily number of actions and people are represented by large blue and orange numbers.

Verified website users get to see the pins that got repined the most on any given day, in 7 days, and in 14 days. This helps website owners understand more about the spikes on the sites metrics tab.

In the ‘most clicked’ tab in the analytics tool verified users can click on individual pins for additional information such as the board it was pinned to, and learn who the original pinner was, and what other pins the original pinner also pinned.

According to Pinterest this adds to the tools it is offering website users such as Pin-it buttons and business accounts. All these tools make it easy for users to pin content from websites.

Pinterest is a marvelous social media site that helps people find things. It also inspires them to act on things they find interesting. Pinterest feels that the Web Analytics tool is the first step towards connecting pinners and businesses. This tool helps businesses and content creators gain insight into what pins gain acceptance with pinners and what pins resonate with pinners.