Google launches Keyword Bulk Uploads for AdWords

Google has launched an essential time-and-effort saving feature for AdWords users with Keyword Bulk uploads. This much-needed feature will allow users to add, edit, delete, and pause and un-pause keywords before uploading them straight into their AdWords account.

If you are an AdWords user, you need to go to the keyword report download window and then click on the “Editable?” box. You will then be allowed to make the required changes to that report and upload those changes back into your account.

The spreadsheet that you edit features a column called “Action”, which allows you to make the required changes using Add, Set, or Remove. You can modify any existing keywords by changing the destination URL, the keyword state, and even adjust max CPC bids, among other features.

You will actually need to recreate any existing keyword instead of directly changing the match type of any existing one by using “Remove” and then using “Add” via your Action column. Once you have made the desired changes, you need to click on “Upload” that appears in the “reports and uploads” section. While you can only upload Keyword Reports at present, Google may well bring in several types of reports that can be edited and uploaded in this manner in the future.

One wise tip is to save your original report before making any changes or uploading it since any reverse modification can only be done manually. Google’s Keyword Bulk Uploads will certainly help save a lot of time and effort for AdWords users as the company adds this helpful feature to other bulk editing features provided in the previous year.