Enhance your ROI with different Global Search Marketing Techniques

Just like other SEOs, you too may want to receive the best possible results and enhance your ROI against your optimization efforts. The key is to extract maximum traffic against minimum efforts, which in turn can be achieved with proper planning and implementation.

Your plan needs to make the most out of your limited resources and you will need to choose between various approaches and techniques. Mentioned below are a few important global search marketing techniques that can be employed to maximize your ROI.

One really simple approach is to create a color-based scorecard that can be used to identify and color-code different potential opportunities. For instance, you can slot opportunities with potential into the green slot that indicates that it could be implemented in the future without imposing any fixed time limit.

You can also slot urgent opportunities in the red slot, which essentially means that you need to take action on them as soon as possible. You can reserve the yellow or orange slot for all possible opportunities that fall somewhere in the middle.

Based on your specific needs, you can also maintain a log of all your efforts and segregate them by region. You can then use Google Analytics to find the relation between result and spend. You will be able to identify potential possibilities by analyzing the data from different regions and will be able to make suitable improvements to enhance your ROI.

You must also make it a point to create a matrix chart using the matrix approach. This chart should display impact against your efforts. Such a matrix should be displayed before all involved teams such as SEO, marketing, technical, etc., since this approach will help identify specific issues that plague each team and find collective solutions.

The above approaches can certainly produce improved results against lowered efforts. You can use them to enhance your ROI and also modify them to suit your specific needs.