Google reinvents AdMob and adds many new Features

Google has continued upgrading its AdMob tool to help app developers come up with fantastic new apps. In 2012, the company merged AdMob inventory with their AdWords system, which enabled developers of mobile apps reach out to additional advertisers.

Google has now reinvented AdMob and armed it with the latest in technology as well as added several new features. The company has begun rolling out its new AdMob for developers. The new AdMob uses technology from Google’s other ad platforms such as AdSense.

The reinvented AdMob will be launched gradually throughout the globe and in case you are an AdMob developer then you will receive the new AdMob upgrade notice. The refreshed AdMob offers several new features that are mentioned below.

Google has brought in its Conversion Optimizer feature in AdMob to help advertisers enhance conversions while reducing cost per acquisition. This feature will help app developers achieve optimum installations as per their budgets. You only need to select your target cost per acquisition applicable for every download and your ads will be displayed by Conversion Optimizers only when there is a strong possibility of an install.

The new AdMob also features improved ad filters that will help developers retain stricter control on ads that are featured in their apps. They will be able to block undesired categories while boosting relevancy as well as safeguard their brands.

AdMob now has the ability to accept local currency, which will relieve developers that needed to calculate currency conversions and arrange for money transfers. The AdMob Mediation feature has also been updated with a simple new setup and this feature helps developers display ads in their apps to multiple ad networks.

The new AdMob also allows app developers to extract intelligent reports with multiple slicing of data. Now, developers can receive reports based on platform, app or ad unit, bid type, country, and much more.

For a new developer, AdMob can help them reach out to over 1 million advertisers around the world and receive steady income through ads which will increase once their downloads begin to rise.

If you are an existing app developer then you need to just wait for an upgrade notice and if you have not yet started using AdMob then it’s time to check out this useful tool.