Windows 8.1 to feature Integrated Bing Search App

Microsoft has announced that its Windows 8.1 version will be integrated with the new Bing Search App that promises to revolutionize search. Bing had already launched its path-breaking search app in 2012 based on the Windows 8 Metro theme that used different colored tiles.

However, Bing too has announced that its new search app will move away from the ten blue links theme and include features to make it visually attractive while supporting hand gestures. The Windows announcement states that the new Bing search will be easy-to-read and will provide a combined display from several sources of content that include files, apps, SkyDrive and possible actions so as to deliver improved user experience against each search query.

Scrolling on the left hand side of the screen will allow users to take quick actions such as playing a song or a video. In addition, the left side will also display results from local apps, files, and settings in a convenient manner.

While Bing’s new search app does seem to be a lot similar to Google’s search app used for Android 4 based devices, it does look a lot more appealing visually. In addition, it also supports hand gestures including swiping which allow to further explore the results.

If you have a device with Windows 8 then you will be able to experience the new Bing search app that will be available with the Windows 8.1 version.