Provide More Details for your Sitelinks in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

While Google had made several improvements for sitelinks in February 2012, the company has now made another huge improvement by allowing you to display specific text for your own descriptions in your AdWords account. The earlier improvements allowed the use of text from various other ads into your account or by creating sitelinks with more details when using the My Client Center.

Additional details provided under the sitelinks will help you project specific messages to viewers and ease their decision-making process. This latest improvement will provide far better control over descriptions that are displayed in the sitelink format. Google has tested this format and found that users were happy when more relevant information was displayed and this led to a substantial increase in clickthrough rates as compared to traditional ads that displayed 2 or 3 line sitelinks.

The company has stated that only Enhanced Campaigns will allow the use of this new feature that displays more details for your sitelinks. Google plans to upgrade all campaigns to enhanced campaigns on July 22, 2013. Once your campaign has been upgraded, you will be able to include additional text for your sitelinks by entering the required data in the “Description” field. This can be done when you create or edit a sitelink.

However, Google has cautioned that all your ads will not display sitelinks all the time and in case they do, they may be displayed in different formats. Google also maintains that their sitelink guidelines will stay the same after implementation of this feature. These guidelines state that keyword insertion cannot be used for sitelink text, sitelinks are not permitted to violate Google’s duplicate sitelink URL policy, and you cannot use the same sitelink text within the same campaign or ad group or even in the main ad that has been served.

You also have the option of a 2 sitelink variant along with the new 4 sitelink display. You can visit the Google AdWords Help Center to understand all about this new feature.