Share and Collaborate On Google Analytics Dashboard

Google has announced that sharing and collaboration is now possible on the Google Analytics Dashboard. The Google Analytics Dashboard allows you to have an idea of how your various web properties are performing. With this sharing and collaboration feature it has become even more powerful. Coupled with the feature where you can create dashboard templates and copies this sharing and collaboration feature will help you and your team to operate a single shared dashboard.
This new feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks. When you do want to share, first create a dashboard or view an existing dashboard and then click “Share” in that you will see an option “Share Dashboard” select it, and now all members on your profile will have access to the Dashboard. Private dashboards will have a separate group while shared dashboards can be viewed in the report navigation on the left side of Google analytics.
This enhancement in Google Analytics asset sharing complements the sharing of assets like advanced segments and custom reports, and annotations.
Now data analysis and reporting will be that much better with this sharing feature of the Google Analytics Dashboard!