Future of Facebook Hashtags – Will It Catch On?

Facebook announced Facebook Hashtags in June in a bid to help users locate new information across its own and other social platforms with ease. However, the move has received a mixed reaction and just like any other move, it will be some time before a clearer picture will emerge on whether hashtags has caught on.

Simply Measured, a leading social media analysis firm, conducted a study in June to get data on the acceptance of hashtags by Facebook users as well as its impact on attracting additional engagement. Facebook’s Top 100 brands were analyzed by Simply Measured to measure hashtag usage for the month of June.

The study revealed that while hashtag percentage on June 12 was recorded at a mere 3 percent, it rose to 19 percent on June 30. Hashtag usage also peaked to 26 percent twice on June 20 and June 28. The study also revealed that hashtags were not instrumental in garnering additional engagement and all analyzed posts that used hashtags displayed performance levels which were similar to other posts.

Simply Measured stated that a clearer picture of the acceptance of Facebook Hashtag could become clearer once users became familiar at locating new content by using hashtags. Once they do start using this feature, it will also indicate as to whether it can be successfully used as a brand tactic.

In other words, only time will tell whether large numbers of Facebook users embrace Facebook Hashtags and whether engagement levels will rise in the future.