Google Testing out a New Display Style for Product Listing Ads

Google seems to be testing out a new display style for PLA or Product Listing Ads that enable users to expand on the displayed results right from the search results. Clicking on the arrow displayed below the 5 product PLA display will allow a user to view up to 16 products.

Marketers that have routinely had their products on PLA display will get additional advantage due to this feature. However, if you want to know as to which brands have got the most out of PLA advertising then you need to look at results provided by AdGooroo.

AdGooroo had undertaken a study between March 2013 and May 2013 to find out the Top 20 U.S. Brands that advertised using PLA. The study revealed that most well-known brands were reaching out to potential customers through PLA and that Walmart held the first position in utilizing Product Listing Ads.

AdGooroo calculated that out of all AdWords Pay-per-Click ad impressions, PLA accounting for an impressive 6 percent during the three month study. The study also revealed that 8 out of the Top 20 advertisers in fact had more PLA impressions as compared to text ad impressions. There were several small players such as and Etsy that used PLA to enhance their online visibility as well as larger brands such as Toys R Us and Staples that also displayed much more PLA as compared to Pay-per-Click text ads.

The study also revealed categories that used the most PLA. These were Auctions and Classifieds that topped the list at 33.8 percent, followed by Consumer Electronics at 25.7 percent, and Health and Pharmacy at 25.3 percent.

If you have been considering using Product Listing Ads to advertise your products then the new Google display format can offer additional incentives for users to click and view a lot more of your products than before.