Bing discards Bing Shopping, introduces Product Search with Ads and Rich Captions

Bing has stated that it has discarded Bing Shopping and instead brought in Product Search that displays results for products alongside its own search results on a single screen. Bing allows merchants to choose from free and paid options for product listings unlike its competitor, Google.

In addition, Bing is also beta testing Product Ads, which will provide additional information such as pricing along with images next to their search results. This feature will be provided for both Bing and Yahoo results in the form of sidebars on the right side of search results.

Bing has also introduced another free feature by way of Rich Captions. This feature will allow merchants to transform their search listings into product listings that display prices, availability, etc., related to their products. Bing will decide on which products fulfill specific criteria that best matches a result to a query and display Rich Captions instead of a regular search result.

Bing will introduce Rich Captions in September 2013. In case you are a Bing merchant then you will soon witness a new check box with Rich Captions mentioned inside the store settings page in your Bing Merchant Center account. You can use this feature by ticking on the Rich Captions box. In case you have not set up your Bing Merchant Center account, then you need to set it up first through Bing Ads. Bing has stated that feeds as well as onboard merchants will be reviewed in the coming weeks.