Facebook Graph Search Launched across the USA

Facebook users across the USA using English will finally get to use Facebook Search Graph. This specialized search feature was launched way back in January 2013 on a selective basis, but is now available for all Facebook users in the USA.

Facebook Search Graph offers users a chance to discover like-minded people, share common interests, and do a lot more as explained in brief. For instance, you can locate old friends that may have been out of touch or discover like-minded people that share common interests. You can search using queries such as “restaurants in California where my friends have been” or “people living in Texas that love playing poker”.

You can also view old family photos or shared photos with queries such as “my family photos”. You can quickly discover various interesting activities by searching for “music liked by my friends” or “hiking activities done by people in the Grand Canyon”.

On the other hand, Facebook as announced that it is shutting down the barely-used feature of “Who can look up my timeline by name”. The company stated that this feature was extremely limited by nature and there were anyway several other methods in Facebook to locate other people. This feature would be shut down in the coming weeks for the limited number of users that still use it.

If you are a US Facebook user in English then you can try the new Facebook Graph Search feature to locate old friends, make new ones, and discover places and other interesting aspects of any town, city, and country.