Twitter Buys Trendrr for an Undisclosed Sum

Twitter announced that it had bought Trendrr, a company that created social analytics products for Television and other media brands such as Curatorr. Twitter did not disclose the amount it paid to take over Trendrr.

Trendrr disclosed the buy-out on its company blog while also stating that Trendrr could amplify the reach of Twitter that allowed sharing of content by members around the globe on a real-time basis.

Twitter too tweeted the purchase and mentioned that Trendrr was a social analytics giant for TV and other media that permitted clients to curate or analyze broadcast tweets in order to create voting systems or ranking lists.

Trendrr also operates Trendrr.TV that provides in-depth views on TV discussions that are based on social media. Trendrr stated that the company will continue providing service to all their clients and honor all existing contracts related to Trendrr.TV, but not enter into new ones.

Twitter seems to have embarked on a strategy targeting social media sites with a strong presence on TV and advertising. The company has already purchased Bluefin Labs, a firm engaged in social advertising. Twitter has also tested out its new voting service in the Hawaii Five-O TV series during an episode that allowed voters to influence the outcome of TV shows.