Campaign Management Made Easier With the Launch of Excel Add-In

PPC Excel enthusiasts have reason to celebrate, Bing Ads recently announced that it is now testing the Beta version of Excel Add-In that will make it far easier to manage campaign data. You will now be able to download as well as post directly to the Bing Ads data center. The process is not at all complicated.

Users can now, if they chose, use Bing Ads Editor or Excel Add-In. Users no longer have to upload or paste data from their Excel sheet to the editor and then upload the same data from the editor to the data center. This circuitous way of doing things can be avoided with this new announcement.

This was the good news; however, there is no formal date that has been set when this process will be launched. Bing Ads has indicated that it will be holding a webinar on Excel Add-In on Thursday, September 12th of this month.

It brings me great joy to see Bing Ads incorporate Excel into its product. This is a continuation of their initiative to make Bing Ads more user-friendly. Earlier in June they allowed users to download reports directly to Excel when they updated Bing Ads Intelligence Excel Add-In. that was a big step as users no longer had to convert CSV files, which in itself was quite a hassle.