Google Analytics – Content Experiments Platform

What is the most important function of any business owner? Well, gaining insights into your area of specialization and judging your marketing efforts to see if you are making any mistakes. What actions you take after gaining insights and measuring your marketing efforts will determine how successful you are in your business. In this endeavor Google Analytics continues to contribute. Google analytics is making new additions to make the analysis actionable. The latest offering ‘Content Experiment Platform’ is one such initiative.

With the addition of this new feature Google Analytics A/B testing engine has received a shot in the arm and has become more powerful than ever before. It is kind of Google Analytics on steroids.
If you are one of those users that has linked your Google Analytics account to AdSense then you can now choose AdSense Revenue as an experiment objective.

Once you do that Google Analytics Multi Armed Bandit optimization algorithm takes over and shifts traffic amid the various experimental variations to bring in maximum revenue, that too in the shortest possible time. It is no surprise that this new feature today ranks as the top request amongst AdSense publishers. This new tool has empowered the publisher ecosystem like nothing else before it.

For the more sophisticated Content Experiment users, Google Analytics has provided an additional option that allows even traffic distribution across all experiment variations. However, this is not suitable to everyone as this new feature bypasses programmatic optimization in Google Analytics.
Therefore, in case you have an experiment objective that cannot be entirely captured by a Content Experiment only then should you use the Even Traffic Distribution feature.