Hashtag Search – Google Starts Showing Google + Posts on Search Results Page

Google just launched the hashtag search and with this continued its efforts to integrate Google + across all its properties. This effectively means that if you were to search Google for a hashtag you will end up seeing Google + posts with hashtag to the right side of search results.

This new feature was announced yesterday morning. This feature is however, available for English language searches on Google.ca and Google.com.

If you are a Google + user then only posts that are shared publicly or shared with you will show up on Google search. Clicking on the post will lead you to Google + where the search will be reproduced.

The Google + posts shown will scroll down automatically, although you can manually control them using your keyboard arrow keys. To stall future anti-competitive claims by other social networks Google is including links at the bottom of the post. As of now Twitter and Facebook are added, however, it is still not clear if and when other social media platforms like Vine and Instagram will be added.

Watch this space as we continue to bring to you exciting news about recent launches. Cheers!