Now you can Ask Google to check why your Small Site is Not Faring Well

If you think your small website should have achieved better rankings than displayed in search results of Google then you can now ask Google to check why your site is not faring well. Google’s webspam team will check in detail on the precise reasons that may have kept your website from achieving better rankings.

You will have to use a Google Docs form to provide details on why you feel that your website should feature higher on Google search results. However, Google’s Matt Cutts has specified that the company is merely collecting feedback from site owners and that there will not be any change in a site’s ranking after submitting the form.

Matt Cutts further explained that Google’s engineers wanted additional details on small or mom-n-pop websites and these forms would allow them to get important feedback so as to help them access issues affecting such sites. Cutts stated that a tech lead from Google’s webspam team requested for additional data on small websites and hence Cutts agreed to ask sites to submit feedback.

In case you do submit the online form then you will not notice a change in rankings, but you will at least be able to convey to Google as to why your small site should possess better rankings. Google has anyway received a lot of flak from smaller sites ever since the company implemented the Vince update.

Matt Cutts commented that he was personally involved in checking some of the submissions received from smaller sites to gain a deeper understanding of problems specific to such sites.

You should consider sending Google the form outlining problems faced by your small site and why you feel it should rank higher since Cutts has confirmed that they have received only a few hundred submissions. This boosts chances of Google’s webspam team or even Cutts personally reading your form and noting down your problems.