To Measure Your Performance Precisely Customize Your AdWords Conversion Window

Consumers generally don’t make purchases in an instant. They search across channels, use different keywords and then make a purchase. At times for big ticket purchases like buying a vacation package or a car the search is spread over several days before making a final decision.

Google recently launched the cross account conversion tracking feature to help marketers map consumers’ path to the purchase. This new feature along with the ability to “import conversion” in Google AdWords helps you evaluate and optimize your ROI.

Today Google announced that it is going to allow you to customize your conversion counting windows for 90 days; earlier the same was allowed for 7 days.

Some of the key benefits that now have are:

You will now be able to have data on big ticket purchases (conversions) as such purchases generally take more than 30 days. This should help you evaluate your advertising strategy much better.

Businesses can now measure the long term value they offer to their customers. Businesses that bank on repeat purchases from customers will gain valuable insights on consumer behavior and be able to make changes to their advertising to add long term value.

Businesses can now discover keywords that play a role very early in the conversion funnel. This is especially true when shopping cycles are lengthy and customers take more than a month after the search to make the final purchase.

So, how do you customize the conversion window?

Simple, find the conversion tab in the Tools and Analysis, click edit to locate ‘Search Funnel time lag report’ to check the average length of time customers take to make the purchase. Now set according to your desired length of time.

For more help get in touch and we will guide you on the step by step procedure.