Analyzing Organic SEO Marketing With Webmaster Tools And Google Analytics Data

Understanding organic SEO is possible by studying Google Analytics data and Webmaster tools data. With the recent changes in Google most websites are focusing on creating high quality content on their products and services. The content thus produced comes in various forms that is brand specific or at times generic. However, it ultimate aim is to drive traffic and rank higher on search results.

The easiest way to measure the performance of such content is by studying the performance of landing pages. It is the page a visitor first sees when they land on your site. You can absolutely judge your SEO performance if you carefully analyze your landing page performance.

When the trend shows that Google organic traffic is increasing for a particular webpage it is a clear indication that there is great content on that page. It is obvious that the company or their SEO is doing a good job. The overtime graph of Google organic traffic should always go northwards.

You can also generate tables that show detailed data about consumer behavior, acquisitions, and conversions. This particular table also gives you information on number of visits, new visits, average time on site, bounce rate, conversion goals, and revenue generated per conversion.

As you can see each of this metric gives you valuable insight on visitors coming from organic search. To make the reports more effective you can customize the reports.

You may also use another technique in which you group all your content together to gain insight on the types of pages people prefer. No matter which technique you use, you have to closely monitor the performance of your landing page to check if you are creating incremental value for your business.

Webmaster tools can be used to assess the performance of your online marketing tactics/strategies. The best approach is to link both, the Google analytics and webmaster tools account and access the data directly. In case you are not familiar with Webmaster tools there is help at hand, visit the help center and coach yourself.

Webmaster tools data gives you an insight on how your content is being crawled by Google bots, indexed, and ranked by Google. The data is exhaustive and technical in nature, but gives you fantastic information on the type of content you need to create, the desired structure of your content, and ideal web design for your website.

These are just a few brain droppings on how to analyze your SEO marketing performance with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Watch this space as we will continue to bring in fresh insights on how to cope in this ‘Keyword Not Provided’ world.

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