Google Searches on Mobile Surpasses Desktop

During month of May this Year, Google had hinted that it is receiving more search traffic from mobile devices than desktop. Although this statistics was for 10 countries only including US, Japan, and eight other unnamed countries, as stated by Amit Singhal speaking at Recode’s Code Mobile event this year.

But based on some of the recent statements from Google, this is the case now; as per their worldwide statistics. Even though in some of the countries desktop still trump over mobiles but the summed up data from all over the world clearly indicated that mobiles have topped over the desktops. However it is important to note that this does not mean desktop searches have diminished. It’s just the opposite; desktop searches are still growing each month, just not as fast as mobiles and in percentage of mobile searches.

The basic reason behind this is the requirement for “Search on the Go!” which mobile devices clearly succeed to fulfill. For people whenever they have a query, it’s their mobile that is closest and most accessible device, irrespective of where they are. This is not the case with the desktops where you have to go to your desktop to use it, isn’t it?

Even though there is a mobile app available for search, browser is still in the lead as per this Morgan Stanley Article. And observing this trend is why we have listed not having mobile responsive website as one of the major performance killer in our article about Top Enemies of Webpage Performance for Search.

In conclusion, even having an efficient, aesthetically pleasing desktop website is good; mobile websites do have their major share in bringing the business and they deserve the same love and attention as a desktop version does.