AdWords: Conversions Column Now Include Cross-Device Data Integrated with Automated Bidding

Nowadays, people have multiple devices available at their disposable from laptops to tablet and mobile devices. This has resulted in people being initiating their search on one device and making a purchase from another. Knowing this for several years Google has already invested a lot of efforts in cross-device conversions across Search, Display and Shopping. A recent inclusion of repertoire of benchmark and key tools to help marketers measure cross-device conversions has resulted in up to 16% more conversions.

Continuing with the streak Google has rolled out cross-device conversion data at keyword level right inside conversions column which already includes website sales, app downloads and phone calls. This means being able to view all conversions in one place, advertisers will be able to get deeper insights into all the ways customers are engaging with their businesses. And it’s not just about being able to view all this statistics but Google has also introduced feature for advertisers to quickly enable automated bidding to optimize for the conversions that matter.

In order to activate cross-device conversion in automated bidding, follow these steps:

1)  Go to Settings, and set Conversions Bid Metric to “Conversions” instead of “Converted Clicks”. (Note that under Converted Clicks Metric, cross-device conversions are not counted).

2) Now tick the checkbox in front of “Include Advanced Conversions”, which is right underneath the Conversions Bid Metric option. Checking this will now include cross-device and other advanced conversions in your “Conversions” reporting column and automated bidding.

Conversion Settings View for Google AdWords

Thanks to Google for providing one more arrow in advertisers’ quiver, right close to the 15th Anniversary of Google AdWords. You can also take a look at the unique auction-time technology that sets AdWords automated bidding apart.