Revamp to Google AdWords Automated Bidding

In a recent news Google has started rolling out an overhaul of automated bidding for AdWords. This revamp not only includes semantic changes but also new features to make bidding and campaign management better and efficient. The updates will be rolled out in coming few weeks.

The terminology updates done are:

  • “Portfolio bid strategies” will now be called as “Flexible bid strategies”. The philosophy behind this change is that a single strategy groups together multiple campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.
  • The “Conversion Optimizer” will be renamed to “Target CPA” for all new bid strategies because in optimizing for conversions, it offers the same bidding functionality.
  • A “standard” bid strategy will be any strategy that pertains to a single campaign.

And here are some of the functionality updates:

  • It will now be possible to create or add bidding strategies directly from the Campaign Settings tab. This surely saves any round trips to the Shared Library.
  • A new enhancement in portfolio bid strategies for Target CPA bidding allows individual ad groups to be set different CPA goals. The example quoted by Google for this goes as:

“For example, if you’re a clothing retailer with multiple “Accessories” ad groups in a bidding portfolio, you may want to set a lower CPA target for “Socks” compared to other product categories with higher average order value.”

One major thing to note here is that it is not possible to apply the Portfolio bid strategies to video or universal app campaigns.