Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

If your law practice isn't tapping into the power of the Internet to bring in new clients, it's a sure bet your competitors are. And the longer you wait to get started or stick with a provider of SEO for lawyers that's long on promises but short on results, the further behind you'll fall.

Of course, in a profession that relies so much on trust, lawyer Internet marketing is about more than increased profitability. Being in Google's Top 10 and ranking high in other search engines also helps establish a lawyer's credibility as an author in his or her specialty.

Our SEO for lawyers guarantee

While many companies providing lawyers Internet marketing services are long on promises but short on results, few guarantee it. Anuva does. With a team of more than 50 SEO experts working with the goal of getting each of our clients in Google's Top 3, we guarantee placement in at least the Top 10. With our SEO for law firms, you'll enjoy:
  • Better and more targeted marketing for your specialty and location
  • Maximum ROI for your marketing dollars
  • Nonstop promotion 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Long-term positioning
  • More and better qualified leads
  • Enhanced public awareness and reputation

Why our SEO for lawyers is the very best

Combining traditional SEO services with Google's Local listing services, Anuva's lawyer SEO services begin with the creation of category pages targeting a firm's specialty areas, with optimized content intended to not only attract attention from search engines but to inform prospective clients.

Another focus is keyword research and optimization that begins with a competitive analysis to determine which keywords will work best for your specialty and locality. At Anuva, we only use White Hat SEO techniques that ensure high ranking for the long-term. And we can show you the proven results.

Why not see for yourself what more than 1,000 satisfied clients worldwide already know and why we enjoy a 98%-plus client retention rate. Contact us today for a free website analysis along with our recommendations on how you can take your firm to the top of search engine rankings.