Guaranteed SEO Services

All our clients are looking for maximum ROI from their advertising dollars. We understand that and hence we guarantee your rankings through our SEO positioning services. If we cannot achieve top rankings for your website, we will work for free till we achieve the rankings - Guaranteed.

Our SEO Services Guarantee depends on the number of keywords, competitiveness of the keywords, your current website positioning, optimization & ranking, competitiveness of your market etc. Based on the agreed keywords and the rankings required, we would provide a custom SEO Services Guarantee quote for guaranteed top rankings. Contact Us and see how we can provide top 10 rankings to your website - guaranteed.

A typical guaranteed SEO package runs for 6 to 9 months and our typical guarantee terms are similar to the ones below for a usual set of 10 to 50 keywords:
  • Top 10 google rankings for 40% of the agreed keywords.
  • Top 20 google rankings for 60% of the agreed keywords.


Based on the terms set above, if our team is unable to achieve the mentioned rankings, we would let you know about it and our team would be working for FREE (no exceptions) till we achieve the agreed rankings for you. This really works for you since it is completely risk free for you and all the risk lies with us. What else you would be looking for?

We would be happy to talk to you for any queries you might have. Contact Us and we would gladly call you back.